Revolutionize your conversations with SpeakEase

SpeakEase by Happy Prime Inc. transforms communication for atypical speakers with our AI-driven app. Enjoy seamless, context-aware interactions, and experience the power of personalized voice technology

About SpeakEase app

SpeakEase is an innovative mobile application designed to revolutionize communication for individuals with speech challenges

Context-aware corrections

SpeakEase uses advanced AI to offer contextually relevant phrase suggestions and corrections, ensuring your communication is accurate and meaningful, no matter the context

Personalized voice playback

Experience communication that sounds like you. SpeakEase provides clear audio playback in your own voice, making interactions more natural and personal

Multi-input flexibility

Whether you prefer voice, screen touch, or keyboard input, SpeakEase accommodates your needs, allowing for flexible and intuitive message composition

Real-time speech recognition

Converts your speech into text instantly, allowing for quick and accurate communication in any environment

Secure data handling

Ensures your data is handled with the highest standards of privacy and security, providing peace of mind for sensitive communications

Emotional expression

Conveys emotions through speech, adding depth and nuance to your conversations and making interactions more authentic

Our App Interface

How to use SpeakEase

Our team

Our diverse team of experts brings together skills in AI, software development, and speech pathology to create innovative solutions for inclusive communication

Aanchan Mohan

Technical Lead

Mirjana Prpa

Product Consultant

Katelyn Eng

SLP & Subject Matter Expert

Bethany Edmunds


Monideep Chakraborti

Product Manager

Nailia Kushaeva

UX/UI Designer

Jordan Lewis

Software Developer

Tianyi Zhang

Software Developer